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Q: Do I need a license to stream music?
A: You do not need a license to broadcast. However, per the laws in your country, you may be responsible for paying royalties and licensing fees for each song played.

In the United States, for example, ASCAP, BMI, SoundExchange & SESAC require payment for all of their artists.

We do not provide these services as we only provide the ability to stream in general. For licensing, you'll need to go through the above companies.

Q: Where do I renew my stream?

A: Simply go to the Main Office and use any of the "renew your stream" signs

LANDMARK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight Cove/50/19/23

Q: What happens if I don't renew my stream?
A: As of April 23rd, 2021, we no longer have a grace period (too many who abused the policy)
When your rental reaches overdue status you risk losing your account. ALL regular streams are recycled once the account is terminated and we will not reopen them as that is a perk reserved for license holders.

IF you have a VIP Licenses (formerly called Lifetime License), you can reactivate your license at anytime using the appropriate reactivation vendor for the license plan you paid for initially. If you’re unsure of which license you have, contact us!

Staff does terminations/suspensions multiple times during the week. It is NOT our responsibility to contact you when you are in late status, the system sends out notices via local chat AND direct from our bot (Hostcrate Resident) plus you can check your rental status at any time using our "Renew Your Stream" sign or use the Hostcrate HUD which you can grab at our main office.

Q: My stream isnt working that I purchased? Help!
A: No problem. Please contact a customer service rep to assist you in figuring out your issue. Please be as specific as possible.

Q: My stream says "Server is currently down when I go to the website URL"
A: If you can view the stream URL then it is online and is just in standby mode until you login with your dj program and begin streaming. If the server was truly down, you wouldn't be able to load the page at all and our group chat would go crazy :)

Q: My stream isn't staying online, I have tried restarting several times.
A: There a few reasons this might be like a bad port number so please submit your information to LustyLexxi Larimore and it will reviewed, troubleshooted and she'll keep you posted on it.

Q: How will I know what speed I can stream at?
A: This is based upon your connection through your internet service provider (ISP), if you know in advance what your plan is then start with the highest you're allowed and work your way down. i.e 192, 128, 96, 64. If none of those work then you will need to get your plan upgraded from your ISP, have them check your connection as it could be as simple as needing a new modem or as complicated as needing a new line done. This wouldn't be a server side issue on our end.

Q: What is the reason I am getting cutting/skipping in my music when listening in SL?
A: It is most likely your connection is lagging, the sim you're on is lagging, the song you're playing is trying to stream higher than you're allowed to. Those are the most common culprits. The best solution I have discovered is zooming your SL cam out to see if it helps and/or lowering your bit rate, otherwise you will need to contact your ISP for an upgrade to handle both sl and streaming.

Q: Do you have a reseller or affiliate program?
A: As of March 14th, 2023, yes we do! They are located on the wall behind the reception desk.

Q: Do you have any current sales/promos?
A: All promotions/sales are listed at: https://news.hostcrate.stream/category/current-sales/

Q: Do you oversell your servers?
A: No, we do not. Each server has a specific capacity of accounts that can be on them without affecting services for customers.

Q: I have yet to receive a response from anyone at your company. How do I contact you?
A: Create a notecard and send it to LustyLexxi Larimore. Don't forget to put your name or it will NOT be responded to.


You can also email the owner, directly by email for a faster reply at: lusty.lexxi@gmail.com

Staff List: https://news.hostcrate.stream/officialstaff/

Q: I need help? Who do I contact?
A: No problem. You can contact any of our customer service reps on duty. If offline, you can leave them an offline or an email if they list their email in their profile. You can also leave them a notecard.

Staff List: https://news.hostcrate.stream/officialstaff/

Q: Why should I choose your company over a competitor?
A: Easy. We provide quality streams that are affordable for every budget, our customer service is top notch, and we've been around since May 4th, 2008 so you don't have to worry whether we'll be around tomorrow :)

Q: Are you currently hiring?
A: Probably. Check at: https://news.hostcrate.stream/careers-now-hiring/

Q: Terms of service agreement?
A: Glad you asked! Our site has the most up to date versions of our policies.

Terms of service: https://news.hostcrate.stream/tos/
Unlimited/Unmetered Policy: https://news.hostcrate.stream/unlimitedunmeteredpolicy/
Acceptable Use Policy: https://news.hostcrate.stream/aup/

Q: Do you have any maintenance on your servers?
A: Yes. We do server reboots once per month. Specific details are listed & updated at: https://news.hostcrate.stream/server-maintenance-schedule/

Q: I am getting "Unable to stream fast enough" What is going on?
A: The presence of this error points to a situation where data transmission, denoted by "YOU," faces limitations in speed while trying to reach the intended server. Typically, this is not an issue originating from the server itself. Presented below are several strategies to address this predicament.

To begin, copy your stream URL and insert it into your web browser. If the result directs you to your D.N.A.S. page or the SHOUTcast Stream Status Page, it signifies the server is operational. The subsequent task is to pinpoint the underlying cause.

It's worth noting that if the black/white D.N.A.S. page states "Server Is Currently Down," it signifies that there's no ongoing streaming activity at the moment. Should the server truly be offline, the page wouldn't be visible.

Do you or anyone else in your residence have ongoing downloads or playback while streaming? This encompasses activities on devices like smartphones or tablets. If affirmative, cease downloads and playback.

Is your computer running multiple programs simultaneously? If so, commence the closure of additional open programs. This can lead to your computer's processor becoming overburdened temporarily.

Is Windows engaged in downloading or installing updates on your PC? If the answer is yes, attempt to halt this process or exercise patience until it concludes. Such activities can consume your available bandwidth.

The combination of SAM and Second Life might strain your computer's processor, irrespective of its power. In such scenarios, your computer manages tasks sequentially, with each task waiting for the previous one to finalize. This can be more apparent on older or non-gaming computers or systems that have been operational for prolonged periods. As a short-term solution, consider reducing the bit-rate and observing if it helps. Ultimately, a system reboot might be necessary.

Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) undergoing maintenance? If so, the best course of action is to wait it out.
There's a possibility of disturbances occurring between you and the server. Given the nature of the Internet, events like these transpire at various network junctions due to slowdowns, DDoS attacks, or congestion. Sometimes, patience is the only solution. Running a TRACERT command can aid in identifying such issues.

Network congestion can be likened to a traffic jam on your daily commute route. Your destination (the server) functions as usual, but the route to it encounters congestion. It's as if an accident at an intersection is causing a blockage.

If you find that streaming to a different server experiences no issues, it's likely because your ISP uses an alternative route to that particular server. Think of the congestion being east of your location, while your stream server is further east of that congestion. The alternate server that works smoothly could be north of you, and your ISP takes a distinct path to reach it.
Sometimes, a straightforward reset of your router and modem can suffice. We recommend rebooting the router at least monthly to maintain optimal performance.

Follow this sequence:
Turn off the computer.
Disconnect the router.
Disconnect the modem.
Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Reconnect the modem and wait for complete initialization.
Reconnect the router and wait for complete initialization.
Restart your computer.

Experiment with reducing your bitrate. Temporary disturbances in the internet or issues with your computer could be the cause. Lowering the bitrate might alleviate the situation.

Therefore, the next time you encounter this frustrating error, inquire with your provider regarding potential server problems. If they indicate no issues on their end, you can proceed with troubleshooting. In most scenarios, the issue resolves once the involved company resolves its routing problems. However, if the issue stems from home users downloading large files, your router, modem, or ISP, you'll have a clear understanding of what steps to take.

When faced with this error, maintain your composure. Remember that a myriad of factors could be at play. The internet isn't without its imperfections, and disruptions can occur. Streaming media relies on a continuous data flow, which even the slightest hiccup can disrupt.

Q: I have more questions not listed here. What do I do?
A: Just contact a staff member to help you. OR post your question(s) here & we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.
Staff List: https://news.hostcrate.stream/officialstaff/
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